Behind the Brand: LifeProject's Nishant Kapoor

Anyone who lives in Hong Kong can attest to the inconvenience of shopping for specialty products--whether it be paleo snacks or organic dog food. Nishant Kapoor, founder of Life Project, realized just how important access and convenience was to the conscious urban consumer. 



What is LifeProject? 
Life Project operates a family of family focused e-commerce websites in Hong Kong, such as PetProject.HK, an online store for pet food and supplies, LifeProject.HK, a natural/ organic grocery store, LifeProject.HK and Toddler.HK, a site for baby and children due to be launched in 2015. 

What inspired you to start LifeProject? .......

I moved to Hong Kong 4 years ago with my wife and our dog Dufus, I looked for stuff for him online but couldnt find a half decent website with the brands we wanted, a convenient delivery schedule and something as basic as secure credit card checkout.  I asked my friends - same story - lugging heavy bags from small shops to home!  Around the same time i was looking for my next project in Hong Kong, 

I wanted to do something in the ecommerce space, given my experience of over 10 years.  It made sense to start with an online pet store.  We launched our first website PetProject.HK in 2012, and then a year ago, in summer 2014, we launched our second website LifeProject.HK for humans!  LifeProject.HK driven by our need for a convenient and customer focused way to source quality natural and organic stuff for ourselves and our kids.

Were really trying to redefine retail and customer service standards in Hong Kong - Create personalized, convenient, high quality and well-priced online shopping experiences for busy families. 

Before launching LifeProject, you were running a wine ecommerce startup in India.

What was the biggest challenge in starting an ecommerce business? 
Realising that retail ecommerce actually needs capital to scale - we needed warehousing, inventory, online marketing, web design and development etc etc 

Your favorite product available on LifeProject.
Sunwarrior vegan protein powder

How has the health and wellness industry changed since youve been in it? 
Customers are becoming more aware and demanding.  Theyre doing their own research and are getting very specific in the type of products they are looking for.

Tell me one thing about LifeProject that most people dont know about.
That were an extremely employee oriented company.  We dont believe in layers of management - the customer is the only boss.  We have a flexible, ‘supervision freework environment.  Our employees chose their own work schedule, can work from wherever they want, and they take a lot of ‘senior leveldecisions.  My job as a founder is to provide our employees with autonomy and resources to take care of our customers, and get out of the way.



Five words youd use to describe a Hong Kong lifestyle. energetic, vibrant, social, party, fast

Why launch LifeProject in Hong Kong? Its surprising that local ecommerce in Hong Kong is so poor.  The Hong Kong customer wants and needs a convenient, fast, simple, easy, customer oriented, high quality online shopping experience - and its just not there.

The best thing about Hong Kong? Beautiful hiking trails



Tell me about your greatest influence in life. Ricardo Semler - read his book ‘Maverick'

Your favorite drink. Coconut water.

Your go-to dinner spot. Din Tai Fung! We love eating dim sum for dinner. 

Your biggest pet peeve. Poor retail customer service in Hong Kong.

The perfect day for you would be with my dog, out in the hiking trails…...

 The key to life is 'be happy,  everything else will follow'

One piece of advice for small business owners. Your employees know more than you, and are way smarter than you would believe.  Get out of their way!

Click below to find out more about Life Project!

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